About Yordam

Yordam Law Firm, which was established in 2010 has been offering preventive, effective and fast solutions to the legal problems and disputes of its individual and corporate clients with its meticulous working principles since its establishment.

Yordam Law Firm provides permanent solutions very quickly by providing one-to-one lawyer contact for all the problems faced by its clients, with its staff who are specialized on their field and have high level of productivity not only theoretically but also practically. With strong solution partners both in the country and in many parts of the world, Yordam Hukuk develops long-term permanent relationships with all its clients.



Corporate Law

MWe work with our clients intensively on a daily basis that enables us to better understand and be informed of their business and legal requirements. In this way, we can foresee risks, help our clients overcome these risks, and prevent the same situation from emerging again. We help on the needs of our clients in a wide range of areas, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic business partnerships.


Real Estate Law

On financing of real estate, real estate investments, development and construction work field, we offer legal support at various points from real estate sales, management, leasing and franchise transactions. While our team aims to keep legal disputes in a minimum level, we provide legal representation in the best possible way when conflict arises.


Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

We provide services in all areas of this branch of law, including brand, copyright, design, patent and domain names. Our Intellectual and Industrial Property team provides effective services in the areas of prosecution, litigation, counterfeiting and commercialization.


Competition Law

Our office provides legal services in all areas of competition law. We offer expert knowledge in the field of competition law to companies that plan to establish business partnerships who wish to compete with their competitors and plan to launch a new product on the market. We provide marketing and distribution advice and follow the institutionalization processes of companies.


IT Law

It provides deep and solution-oriented legal services in specific areas such as information technology law, licensing, exemptions, exceptions, intellectual property rights management.


Labor and Social Security Law

We offer solutions from the beginning of the problem and we solve the disputes of our clients arising from labor law in a fair, effective and constructive approach.


Criminal Law

Starting from the investigation phase, we provide defense services for suspects and defendants who are at risk of facing criminal sanctions, and we also offer attorneyship services for complainants.